About Millennium Challenge Account – Mongolia

“Millennium Challenge Account – Mongolia” or MCA-Mongolia is a state-owned entity established by the Government Resolution No 297, dated October, 2018. MCA-Mongolia is established to implement the Mongolia Water Compact signed with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government foreign aid agency.

MCA-Mongolia is governed by the Board of Directors chaired by the Minister of Finance of Mongolia. The Board has independent decision-making authority and ultimate authority and responsibility for the oversight, direction, and decisions of MCA-Mongolia, and for the overall implementation of the Water Supply Project in accordance with Compact, the Program Implementation Agreement, and all other Supplemental Agreements. 

The Management Unit, led by the Chief Executive Officer and composed by directors, has principal responsibility for the day-to-day operations and the management of MCA-Mongolia and the Program implementation and is obliged to report to the Board of Directors.

MCC Resident Country Director and Deputy Resident Country Director are responsible for providing support to the operations of MCA-Mongolia.

The MCA-Mongolia, in accordance with the Compact Agreement, hires Fiscal Agent firm – “Cardno Emerging Markets” and Procurement Agent firm – “Charles Kendall and Partners”, who were selected by open and fair international competition. The Fiscal Agent is responsible for assisting the Government with its fiscal management and assuring appropriate fiscal accountability of MCC Funding and the Procurement Agent is responsible for carrying out and/or certifying specified procurement activities in furtherance of the Compact on behalf of MCA-Mongolia.