Bid Challenge System

The offerors may challenge the results of procurement processes only according to the rules established in the Bid Challenge System developed by the MCA Mongolia and approved by MCC. The MCA Entity’s Bid Challenge System applies to all procurements of MCA-Mongolia.


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Bid Challenge System Folder


Bid Challenge System applicable for procurements that are conducted through (a) Shopping methodology, and/or (b) Individual Consultant Selection methodology Folder

Master list for Bid Challenge Panel

The BCS allows offerors to file a protest against a procurement action by MCA Entity which they believe violates the provisions of the MCC Accountable Entity Procurement Policy & Guidelines or the bidding documents. If they are unsatisfied with the decision on their protest, an appeal will be decided by a Bid Challenge Panel (“BCP”) composed of three (3) members selected from the list of qualified individuals. 

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Master list for Bid Challenge Panel Folder