The Code of Business Ethics and Standards of Conduct

The Code of Business Ethics and Standards of Conduct (the “Code”) of MCA-Mongolia HR Manual aims ensure that all MCA-Mongolia staff members are fully aware of MCA-Mongolia expectations and policies regarding ethical business practices and standards of conduct and are therefore conduct themselves accordingly. The present Code serves as both fundamental administrative rules and guiding principles, and to reinforce that MCA-Mongolia is committed to conform itself with the spirit and provisions of all relevant laws, regulations and policies, to support and respect fundamental human rights and to ensure that it operates and conducts its administration according to the highest ethical standards.

All staff and agents of MCA-Mongolia are required to provide annually to MCA-Mongolia Human Resources Unit and Legal Unit a statement in writing pursuant to this Code stating that they have read and understand the Code, that their behavior is in accordance with the Code, and that they do not know of any violations of the Code except as specifically noted in their statement. Any violation of this Code shall not be tolerated and may result in immediate disciplinary action, including direct termination of employment.

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