Please note that this is NOT a job vacancy of Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia. This job vacancy is announced at the request of a contractor of the MCA-Mongolia which performing works and services under the MCC-Mongolia Water Compact. Therefore, any decision related to the recruitment and selection process are subject to the authority of the contractor that announced the job vacancy. MCA-Mongolia shall have no responsibility, obligation, or liability whatsoever with respect to the job vacancy.

If you have any clarifications or questions, please directly contact the contractor announced the job vacancy.

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Baran Group Limited has been implementing the "Construction of Groundwater Wells and Conveyance" project of Millenium Challenge Account-Mongolia since 2022. In the framework of the second Compact Agreement between the USA and Mongolia, the Millenium Challenge Account-Mongolia is implementing the construction project for increasing the water supply of Ulaanbaatar city by building new groundwater wells, pipelines, new groundwater purification and wastewater recycling plants, and water data management system. The "Construction of Groundwater Wells and Conveyance" project is one of those construction projects and it aims to build down-water wells and pipelines. Baran Group Limited is looking to hire in this international project a Health and Safety Manager.

Job Description

  1. a) Developing and implementing safety programs tailored to construction hazards.  
  2. b) Conducting site inspections and risk assessments to identify potential hazards.  
  3. c) Ensuring compliance with construction safety regulations and standards.  
  4. d) Providing training and education on safety practices and equipment usage.  
  5. e) Investigating incidents and accidents to determine causes and prevent future occurrences.  
  6. f) Monitoring and enforcing safety measures on construction sites.  
  7. g) Collaborating with contractors, subcontractors, and stakeholders to promote a safety culture. 
  • Total Work Experience -15 years
  • In Similar Works Experience -10 years 

Experience managing health and safety programs of at least two international infrastructure projects of similar scale and complexity in the last five (5) years is required. Experience should include the development and implementation of contractors’ health and safety plans, conducting job hazard assessments, incident tracking, reporting, root cause analysis, and corrective action response. Excellent proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English is required. Experience with IFC Performance Standards (PS-2, PS-3, and PS4) or similar donor health and safety safeguard requirements will be considered an advantage.


The project field location is in the 12th and 13th khoroos (Biokombinat and Shuvuun fabric) of the Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar.   

Additional information

Baran Group is an international engineering company that provides engineering solutions for the management and design of infrastructures, buildings, industry, agriculture, communication, and technology operating in Israel and around the world.

Contact/application information

If you are interested in applying for HS manager, please submit your application to by December 29th, 2023. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for a job interview.


The Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia works with its infrastructure project contractors and subcontractors to achieve 30% women's employment in infrastructure projects to increase women's employment and working ensure that all projects are free from trafficking in persons, labor exploitation, discrimination, and sexual harassment at workplace.