Design Development of Social Behavior Change Interventions for the Mongolia Water Compact is successfully completed


[Ulaanbaatar city, March 07, 2024] – As part of the Mongolia Water Supply Project, under the Mongolia Water Compact funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation, the "Social Behavior Change Interventions for the Mongolia Water Compact" design phase has been successfully completed. This pivotal design was developed by The Asia Foundation (TAF), with Sarah Taylor, the Country Representative of TAF, and Khaliungoo G., the Deputy Team Lead of TAF, facilitating the handover of comprehensive due diligence studies and essential design documents to the Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia (MCA-Mongolia). Before finalization, TAF engaged in an iterative process, presenting the preliminary designs to stakeholders on multiple occasions to gather valuable feedback.

Based on these thoroughly developed designs, MCA-Mongolia is set to embark on the implementation of strategic measures designed to significantly enhance the public's awareness and understanding of water services from 2024 to 2025.



About the MCC-Mongolia Water Compact

This $462 million project is a partnership between the American and Mongolian people made possible by $350m in MCC grant funding and the $111.76m contribution from the Government of Mongolia which demonstrates their commitment to working together to achieve economic growth and poverty reduction in Ulaanbaatar. The Mongolia Water Compact is funding major infrastructure projects, including the construction of new wellfields and two large plants - an Advanced Water Purification Plant and Water Recycling Plant which will be the first of their kind in Mongolia. In addition, the Compact will invest in policy measures to create a financially and environmentally sustainable future for the water sector of Ulaanbaatar. As a result, the water system in Ulaanbaatar will have been expanded to deliver 80% more drinking water, allowing for the city’s future expansion.