Downstream Wells Activity

The Downstream Wells Activity will provide an opportunity to establish western groundwater wellfields to meet the growing urban water demand without affecting the environment for the long term and a sustainable manner. It is proposed to establish new wellfields based on the groundwater deposits near the Biocombinat and Shuvuun, and water will be treated in Advanced Water Purification Plant (AWPP) according to the Drinking water standard to supply potable water to the central network of the city.

The Downstream Wells Activity will include two construction contract packages as followings:

1. Production Well Drilling and installation and the construction of production Well Houses with pumping equipment, and installation of raw water transmission pipe from two wellfield to the AWPP, and finished water transmission pipe from the AWPP to the existing distribution network.

2. Construction and start-up operation of the Advanced Water Purification Plant (AWPP)

The Activity is expected to supply up to 50 million cubic meters of water per year, adding nearly 65 percent to the city’s current water supplies, and it will support the development of sub-cities and new settlement areas in the western region, as outlined in the capital city's master plan, and will create a favorable environment for decentralization.